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Speed up Magento

"Konstantin and the whole team at Goivvy.com have done a fantastic job for Surveillance Video. I am really happy with their exceptional service . When I have a question they are always there to answer, they have more than an outstanding customer service. After having many bad experiences with my previous developers, I am glad that I have found Goivvy..." Lowell Bradford, www.surveillance-video.com

"Goivvy performed an entire site speed optimization. ...I received consistent updates and communication throughout the process which allowed for proper planning on the business side. I would recommend goivvy.com to anyone that needs Magento experts working on their website."
RN, Vice President, www.sportula.com

Why make a website faster?

Speed sells. Faster Magento eCommerce website leads to lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate.[study.pdf]

Site speed has direct impact on your google search rankings.[study]

How we make magento faster

  1. We improve time to first byte (TTFB). TTFB shows how fast your site responds to a web browser request. TTFB affects your search rank. Lower TTFB - higher search rank[study]
  2. We improve frontend speed. Frontend speed tells you how quickly a user can start interacting with your webpage once a web browser receives data from your site
  3. We improve performance of a website. We make sure your code files are optimized and you use your server and database resources effectively

What we guarantee

  1. TTFB is under 600ms as measured by WebPageTest.org
  2. 85/100 Google Page Speed Score for mobile and desktop views as measured by Google PageSpeed Insights
  3. You will be fully refunded if we fail to achieve the above results

Speed results for our own website www.goivvy.com

www.goivvy.com: 90+ Google PageSpeed Score for Mobile | Speed up Magento | Goivvy.com
www.goivvy.com: 90+ Google PageSpeed Score for Mobile

www.goivvy.com: 600ms TTFB | Speed up Magento | Goivvy.com
www.goivvy.com: 600ms TTFB

What are costs, timeframe and workflow?

  1. Price depends on complexity of a website. We can work around your budget and perform only limited set of optimizations. We work with 50% upfront payment
  2. Timeframe for optimization is around 10-20 business days
  3. We setup a stage environment and test drive our optimizations there first. Once you are satisfied we port changes live

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