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Magento 2 Migration Service

Magento 2 Migration Service

Magento 2 Migration in the United States

If you haven’t heard yet, Adobe has announced that support for Magento 1 will end in June 2020. This means that Magento will no longer provide security updates or patches for Magento 1 and the company will move forward into the future.

Our developers want to help you move with the times. That is why we provide some of the best Magento 2 Migration services in the United States.

Our team is dedicated to bringing you the smoothest Magento 2 Migration experience for your business.

Why Migrate to Magento 2?

A Magento 2 Migration may sound like a really tough transition but, in the long run, it is much better to migrate. With support for Magento 1 ending in 2020, there are a lot of things to consider:

  1. There will be no more security patches
  2. Hackers will have an easier time trying to enter your website
  3. Your website will become more outdated and your profit strategy will suffer

With all that in mind, Migrating to Magento 2 becomes not a matter of what, but rather a matter of when.

Magento 2 Migration Solutions

Change has always proven to be difficult, but it has also proven to be for the better. We understand the reasons why store owners would not want to migrate to Magento 2. However, we have found that the costs of going through the Magento 2 migration process are very minimal compared to the cost of staying on Magento 1.

Here are some reasons why store owners may be hesitant about migrating to Magento 2:

1. Store Owners Don’t Want to Learn a New Storefront

Learning new things can be a difficult experience, especially if you are used to the older, or present, technology. However, it is important to recognize that technology is always changing and with it, businesses need to learn how to change as well.

Our developers know that Magento 2 Migrations are a huge factor in what will keep websites successful in the future. That is why we are dedicated to performing your Magento 2 Migration and making the transition as comprehensive as possible for you.

We also point out to our clients that Magento 2’s new admin panel is really easier than ever to navigate. Therefore, the admin panel would be easier to learn and more efficient to use.

2. Store Owners May Have to Close Their Store

A common reason why store owners are very hesitant about a Magento 2 Migration is that they may have heard that they need to take their store offline for a couple of months. It is very understandable how this can result in hesitation from store owners. However, our developers can ensure that your business does not have to come to a complete halt for your website.

While your Magento 2 migrations may require your site to be down for a couple of hours, our team will make sure that your site will not be down during your highest traffic hours. Once we have performed the migration and gathered all the information we need, you will be able to cater to your customers as if your Magento website was never down.

3. Magento 1 Works Fine

A lot of store owners will rationalize that their Magento 1 platform works well and a lot of developers will advise that there is no need to migrate your website if your Magento 1 platform works well.

However, as technology becomes more advanced, programs like Magento 1 will not only become more outdated but much less secure. You also risk your site becoming non-PCI compliant.

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and PCI compliance refers to the security standards that ensure ALL companies handle credit card information in a safe environment.

The longer you choose to stay on Magento 1, the more outdated it’s going to become. Without those regular updates or security patches, hackers will have more freedom to attempt to enter your site and steal customer information. At this point, your website will no longer be PCI compliant and your customers’ information will be vulnerable to anyone on the internet.

Aside from the possibility of exposing customer data, having a non-PCI compliant website will stop your business from accepting certain forms of payment.

Our developers will also tell you that the latest version of Magento is Magento 2.3. We also think you should know that Magento 2.0.x and 2.1.x are already obsolete platforms and Magento 2.2.x is slowly becoming outdated. As of right now, Magento 1 is so outdated that it is one of the more difficult Magento versions to get a download of. It is much easier, and safer, to download Magento 2.3, the latest version of Magento.

Once Magento 1 ends support, hackers will be able to begin going into the program without any issues. This would be due to a lack of security support for Magento 1.

At that point, the only thing you can do to secure your customer information is to upgrade to Magento 2.

However, our team believes that you shouldn’t have to be at the point of desperation to migrate to Magento 2. The sooner you migrate, the better off you will be.

4. Magento 2 Migration Just Takes Too Much Time

As a store owner, you may have heard developers say the following things about a Magento 2 Migration:

  • Magento 1 themes are not compatible with Magento 2
  • You need a whole new set of extensions
  • It requires moving A LOT of data

All of these things are true. However, the website you get in the end will be much better than the one you have now.

Benefits of a Magento 2 Migration include:

  • A much more secure website
  • An easier admin panel with a more user-friendly navigation
  • Assurance of security updates
  • Eligibility for PCI Compliance
  • A better experience for your customers

While our developers are building your new website and integrating your data on a subdomain, you will be able to keep using your domain to drive conversions and we will only switch domains when your new store is fully completed.

Magento 2 Migration Services Include

Website Backup

Our developers are some of the best in the business! However, even they know that mistakes can happen, even to experts.

To ensure that your website will be completely protected, we will create a backup of your website before we begin the data migration process.

Program Installation

Before doing anything, our developers make sure that you have the proper programs installed for a Magento 2 migration.

We make sure that Magento’s migration tool is good to go and we also make sure that the appropriate PHP is installed and the MySQL is up to date.

We also make sure that the hardware requirements are met and to check on other hardware. The better the hardware, the faster Magento 2 will run.

Once all that is done, we go to Magento’s website and download the latest version of Magento 2, which happens to be Magento 2.3, at the time of this writing.

Test Migration

At this point in the process, our developers need to set up a test domain to run a test migration, and the actual migration, to ensure that everything goes fine during the migration. The test domain will simply be named after your store’s name, similar to your actual domain name. The test domain name will usually consist along the lines of m2.customerdomainname.com.

Once we test the migration process, we will perform the actual migration process. This may cause your website to be down for a few hours, but we are migrating the information from your Magento 1 website to the test domain.

From there, you will be able to test your website to make sure there are no issues with the site. After, we will make the site live again and your customers will be able to see Magento 2 content.

Magento 2 Migration

Our Magento developers will use special skills that will make a Magento 2 Migration faster for our developers. When Migrating your website, there are three different migrations our team needs to carry out.

Settings Migration

Our team begins the migration process by migrating the settings. We perform this part of the migration manually to ensure that all of your settings are safely transferred. When we transfer the settings, we are transferring all of the backend information of your website to your new website.

Initial Data Migration

This migration refers to all the general store data that needs to be transferred. Such data includes:

  • Store orders
  • Customers
  • Shipping Information

Our team is dedicated to making sure that all of your store information is safe and that nothing gets lost in the process.

Media Migration

Our developers use this time to migrate your photos from your Magento 1 website to a Magento 2 website. By yourself, you can do this manually. With a developer, this can also be done manually.

However, with our developers, your media migration will transfer your images faster and more securely. This information not only makes this type of migration easier for us, but it also prevents you from making expensive mistakes.

Theme Customization

Since you will not be able to migrate your theme to your new website, you will have to either recreate your theme, create a new theme or buy a premade theme, which is really the cheapest option.

Some businesses take this opportunity as a perfect time to rebrand, while other businesses are looking to recreate their theme as precise as they can.

No matter the direction, our developers are skilled in creating themes and are dedicated to working to create the theme that you envision.

Extension Audit

During a Magento 2 Migration audit, you will also need to need to replace your extensions. This is because Magento 1 extensions are not compatible with Magento 2. However, our developers are knowledgeable in finding out which extensions work best for you.

If there are no extensions that match the needs of your website, our developers are also skilled in creating new extensions that fulfill the needs that you wanted to achieve for your website.

Some past extensions that we have created include:

  • An extension that hides the “add to cart” button and asks the customer to call for a price.
  • An extension to send emails to abandoned carts

Our team is also skilled in enhancing different extensions by adding additional, yet related, features to those extensions.

When our developers finish your site, you will have a full, efficient, collection of extensions that will always be useful to your Magento website.

Round the Clock Testing

A Magento 2 Migration is never truly complete without testing every last detail of the website. Once your Magento 2 website is complete, our developers run the website, again and again, to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that customers will have no trouble navigating the website.

Unlike other developers, our developers run multiple tests on websites to also ensure an adequate site speed and a user-friendly platform. Larger companies tend to test your website once and, if it works well enough, they will tell you the migration is completed.

However, our team understands that your Magento website needs to be perfect before it goes live and while everything may look right on the first test, it can surprise you to see how many bugs and mistakes are overlooked in the first test. So our developers test your website multiple times in order to make sure that no mistake goes overlooked.

Delta Migration

Since your Magento 1 website may still be running, it is obvious that you may need to transfer some orders from your Magento 1 store to your Magento 2 store.

Doing this manually will cause you to lose all of your information, so our developers will use special tools to seamlessly transfer all of your orders to your new store so that you can seamlessly go on your new Magento 2 website and continue your business affairs without interruption.

Why Goivvy, LLC?

Our team may be small, but our developers are quickly building a name for themselves as some of the best Magento developers in South Florida. There are so many reasons as to why you need our team of Magento developers. However, the best reasons can be listed as follows:

Magento 2 migration in the United States

Migrating your store to Magento 2 is a lot of work. It is the type of work that a developer would need to be available around the clock. At Goivvy, our team of Certified Magento Developers are all based within the United States, in the EST time zone. That means that our developers are available to help with all of your Magento 2 migration needs during the normal 9 am - 5 pm business day.

Magento Community Experts

Aside from being certified, our Magento developers are very active within the Magento community. With a reach of over 215,000 people, our developers fall within 7% of contributors on Magento StackExchange.

A Personal Approach

Larger companies tend to have so many clients, that migration teams really just perform the Magento 2 migration and tell you your site is done.

They do not really take the time to sit down and think about the eCommerce goals that you want to achieve for YOUR website.

Sometimes, they only test your site once and tell you everything is done. However, our team knows that a good developer tests their site over and over until they are sure the site is ready.

Aside from that, our developers are very one-on-one and they take the opportunity to not only migrate your website but to also develop your site. Whether you are just migrating your website or taking the time to rebrand your company, our team wants to help you plan your eCommerce website and get to know what your company goals are.

You can also depend on your developer to always be available to listen to your input and talk about the logistics of it.

Want to do a migration? Send a request for a quote now!