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Magento 2 Migration Service

Magento 2 Migration Service with Konstantin G.

Are you still running Magento 1? It’s time to migrate to Magento 2 as M1 is abandoned and is no longer being supported. I can upgrade your eCommerce store and apply all the latest security patches - contact me for a free quote.

Why do you need to upgrade to Adobe Commerce (Magento 2)?

I’m going to list 5 reasons why it’s important to move to M2 if you’re still running M1:

  1. You’re not PCI compliant with M1.
  2. You’re compromising your customers with a lack of security updates.
  3. There are close to zero new extensions available for abandoned software.
  4. Your payment gateway provider can blacklist you if they find out you’re running out of date software.
  5. You’re not taking advantage of the latest PHP releases as making them work with M1 might be hard to implement.

Why choose me?

Why do you need to hire me to perform a migration? I’ll try to answer that question with what I think my 3 points advantage over 99% of Magento agencies and developers:

  1. I have extensive experience. I’ve been working with Magento 1 and Magento 2 for over 10 years.
  2. I’m an office Adobe partner with access to insider knowledge and training.
  3. I do migration work myself, there are no project managers and middle men.

I’m a full-stack Magento programmer with system administration experience which helps me do upgrades better and faster.

Things to consider before migration

Certain things need to be considered before an upgrade. Firstly, what frontend theme are you going to use? Porting your current theme to Magento 2 could be time consuming and expensive. I’d recommend going with a pre-built M2 theme (you could buy one for around $100) and customize it to your needs.

Secondly, not all 3rd-party extensions have Magento 2 versions. Some that do might not transfer data correctly and custom coding will be required for it to be ported intact. You will need to decide:

  • What extensions you’d like to keep
  • Find alternatives for modules with no M2 versions
  • Remove extensions that are too hard to port or that you could run a store without

Thirdly, Adobe Commerce requires additional server software to be installed and set up, in some cases it even requires more CPU and memory to keep the site running fast. You need to find out if your hosting offers Elasticsearch and Redis services and make special arrangements.

Migration Roadmap

These are the steps I’ll take to make sure the upgrade goes smooth and with minimum downtime:

  1. Take a backup of DB and files
  2. Set up a staging environment
  3. Perform a test data migration
  4. Port a theme of your choice to Magento 2 based on your requirements
  5. Migrate extensions
  6. Test the staging site to make sure everything works as expected
  7. Set up day and time to run a live migration
  8. Take the live site down, repeat steps 3-5 on production environment, put the site back online
  9. Test the live site, fix issues if any
  10. Make your old M1 site accessible for future reference

What I offer

Attention to details

If you choose me as your migration developer here is what you get:

  1. Attention to details
  2. Direct and timely communication
  3. 10 years of Magento hands-on experience

Please contact me now to get a free quote!