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Magento Custom Extension Development

Magento custom extension development service done by an expert

You’d need a custom extension to implement new features in Magento (Adobe Commerce). Integrations with 3rd-party APIs, adding new shipping methods and payment gateways etc - all that’s possible with a correctly developed plugin.

If you need a module coded - I can help. I offer custom extension development services. You can hire me to program a new integration or connect Magento 2 to external software. I can add a new feature or custom functionality to your eCommerce website.

Who am I?

Konstantin Gerasimov

I’m an official Adobe Commerce Solution Partner. I know both Magento 2 open source and Adobe Commerce paid version.

I’ve been developing Magento 2 sites and modules for over 10 years. I have experience connecting Magento with QuickBooks and NetSuite, extending payment gateway plugins to allow for new service calls.

I provide various Magento services. I do speed optimizations, upgrades, Magento 1 to Magento 2 migrations and custom coding. I’m an active member at Magento Stackexchange Q&A website with a reputation score in the top 4%.

I have A+ rating on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website.

I have a 5-star rating on Google - just google for 'goivvy llc' and check it out.

Why choose me to develop a Magento module?

Why choose Goivvy?

When it comes to Magento development - I’m an expert.

With over 10 years of experience coding custom plugins and extending eCommerce platforms I’ll make sure your module works as expected.

Here are three reasons to hire me to program a custom Magento extension:

  1. Attention to details. I listen to my clients and pay close attention to what their needs are.
  2. Extensive experience. I’ve been coding Magento for over 10 years and I know it inside out. I follow the best practices.
  3. Direct communication. There are no project managers. I respond to emails and do programming work myself.

My experience and plugin examples

My extension examples

During my career as a Magento developer I work on various projects. Most of the contracts I did are under NDAs (non-disclosure agreement) so I can’t go into too much detail. I’ll just briefly describe what features and solutions I implemented:

  • I connected an ecommerce website to Constant Contact email marketing platform. I made it possible to sign up for a newsletter on a checkout page.
  • I programmed an integration with ShipStation shipping service. A client wanted specific functionality for certain states and I was able to make it work.
  • I developed a custom security extension for Magento 2. It checks for malware and credit card sniffer scripts on a checkout page and alerts an administrator.

You can find my plugins on the official Adobe Commerce marketplace.

Adobe Commerce Marketplace Modules

My extensions are free to download and use. You can try them to see if I’m a good fit for your next project.

I will briefly go over each extension and explain what it does:

  • Simple Maintenance Mode: It allows you to put a site offline without running a SSH command. Before you will run ‘php bin/magento maintenance:enable’ to go into a maintenance mode. Now you can simply go to an admin backend panel, click a few buttons and your site will be offline. You can work on both frontend and backend and when you are done, you can go live clicking a button. It makes life easier for store owners who don’t want to mess with Secure Shell and bash.
  • Defer JavaScript Loading: This module moves all JavaScript to the bottom of a page. It makes a browser render content quicker. It improves Core Web Vitals and Google PageSpeed score and makes a site faster to a customer. The latest versions of Magento 2 can defer JavaScript out of the box. If you run an old version of the platform - this plugin could come handy. Or upgrade.
  • Simple Cache Warmer: It warms Full Page Cache by requesting all product, category, cms and home pages automatically every X hours (X could be configured). It keeps time to first byte (TTFB) or server response time low and makes an eCommerce site faster and more appealing to a potential customer. It works with all Full Page Cache applications: Varnish, Redis and file-based.

What my customers are saying about me

What customers say about Goivvy

“Thanks again for the great service and we will be back for more! We have been working with Goivvy since 2016. Goivvy is always so helpful, patient and professional by answering our questions. Wonderful to have a service company that you know you can trust!” - Andreas

“We have been working with Konstantin for over 7 years. He has been keeping our online store secure and up to date. He is always available to answer our questions. When it comes to Magento - he is an expert.” - David

“They connected my site to NetSuite and fixed a few syncing issues I had later on. What a pleasure to do business with! Konstantin is a reliable programmer with experience far beyond web development, he helped us with a server setup configuration. Would definitely recommend him!” - Peter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


- Will I be able to edit/customize an extension you developed for us?

Yes. The extensions I develop are 100% open source. You or your developer can make code changes and add new features. You can also hire me to add new functionality.

- Will I have copyrights to a plugin?

Yes. We will sign a contract where I transfer all the rights to you. You can redistribute the extension or modify it to the way you want.

- Do you have experience writing plugins for Adobe Commerce?

Yes. I developed a custom extension for Magento enterprise (paid version) for a client of mine. It extended functionality of RMA (returned merchandise authorization) - one of the built-in features of Adobe Commerce.

- Will you sign a contract / NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with us?

Yes. We can either sign a general service agreement or we can discuss a custom contract with custom terms.

- Why do I need to hire you?

Several reasons:

  1. 10+ years of Magento coding experience.
  2. Direct communication with a me (programmer), no project managers and middle men.
  3. Attention to details.

- Do you follow best practices when programming for Magento?

Yes. I will not touch core files in a vendor folder. My extensions will not disrupt your future upgrade processes.

- Will there be performance issues after installing your extension?

No. I code with speed optimization in mind. Your website will not slow down after you add a plugin I developed. If there is ever a problem - don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll figure it out.

- I already have an extension. Can you extend it and add new functionality and features?

Yes, I can. As long as the module is 100% open source with readable code I can figure out how it works and make necessary changes. I can patch a plugin to work with the newest Magento version or fix bugs if any.

- Name one thing you do better than other Magento developers?

I’m good at quality control. I try to spot code bugs before I ship an extension to you.

How do we proceed?

Let's have a deal

If you are interested in having me code a module for you - contact me today by submitting a simple request form. I will then get back to you and we will go from there.