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Magento Optimization Service

Magento Optimization Service done by an expert

Why Make a Website Faster?

Speed sells. A faster Magento eCommerce website leads to a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate.

Site speed has direct impact on google search rankings.

How I Make Magento Faster

My name is Konstantin Gerasimov and I am a Magento speed optimization specialist.

Here is how I optimize Magento sites:

  1. I improve time to first byte (TTFB). TTFB shows how fast your site responds to a web browser request. TTFB affects your search rank. Lower TTFB - higher search rank.
  2. I improve frontend speed. Frontend speed tells you how quickly a user can start interacting with your webpage once a web browser receives data from your site.
  3. I improve performance of a website. I make sure your code files are optimized and you use your server and database resources effectively and at full potential.

Do I Optimize Magento 2?

Yes I speed up Magento 2 sites as well!

For an eCommerce platform as complex as Magento 2 it is very important to run fast and efficient.

I will make sure your Magento 2 installation runs as fast as it could.

Where Am I Based?

I am based in Georgia, USA. I am available during US business hours (EST time zone).

3 Reasons To Hire Me

1. I have references from my clients. You can talk to them and ask how I've performed.

2. I am a Magento Certified Developer. I know Magento inside out.

3. I am US based. I am available during EST business hours.

What Are Costs, Timeframe and Workflow?

  1. Price depends on complexity of a website.
  2. Timeframe for optimization is around 7-20 business days.
  3. I setup a stage environment and test drive optimizations there first. Once you are satisfied I port changes live.

Sites I Optimized

DiveGearExpress.com Speed Optimization Results Measured by Webpagetest.org
DiveGearExpress.com Speed Optimization Results Measured by Webpagetest.org

Surveillance-Video.com Speed Optimization Results Measured by Webpagetest.org
Surveillance-Video.com Speed Optimization Results Measured by Webpagetest.org

"Konstantin and the whole team at Goivvy.com have done a fantastic job for Surveillance Video. I am really happy with their exceptional service . When I have a question they are always there to answer, they have more than an outstanding customer service. After having many bad experiences with my previous developers, I am glad that I have found Goivvy..." Lowell Bradford, www.surveillance-video.com

3 Benefits You Will Get

  1. Faster Checkout.
  2. More Sales.
  3. Faster Frontend Pages.

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