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Magento 2 Upgrade Service

Magento 2 Upgrade Service with Konstantin G.

When you have an eCommerce store, it’s important to run it on the latest software to stay secure and keep hackers away.

It’s always recommended to update to the latest Magento version to take advantage of both security fixes and latest features.

I offer you a complete upgrade service. I'll move your site to the latest platform version and will fix any issues that might arise.

What’s new?

The latest version is Magento 2.4.6 with a security patch v3 (2.4.6-p3).

Here is what’s new:

  • More than 10 security fixes and security enhancements, for example it fixes CWE-79
  • PHP 8.2 support that brings better performance
  • Outdated Javascript libraries upgraded to the latest versions
  • More than 20 functionality bugs have been fixed
  • Varnish Cache v7.3 support for faster time to first byte

How I upgrade

I always work on the staging environment first to minimize downtime. Here are the steps I take:

  1. Prepare the dev server and sync it with the live site to make sure we catch as many issues as possible while updating
  2. Perform a dev site upgrade to 2.4.6-p3, update all 3rd-party modules and a custom theme (if any)
  3. Test the site and work with a client (you) to make sure we review every function of the website and make sure it works as expected
  4. Choose a day and time, backup the live site files and database, take it down and repeat step 2 for it
  5. Put the live site back online, test and make sure everything is OK

There might be issues uncovered later and we will be happy to fix those as well. There might be some downtime but I will try to minimize it with our knowledge and expertise.

Am I an expert?

When it comes to Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) I consider myself an expert. Don’t just take my word for it, here is proof:

  • I’m in top 4% on Magento StackExchange question and answer website

    Goivvy MagentoStackexchange Profile

  • I regularly post technical documentation on the official Adobe website

    Goivvy Articles on Adobe Website

  • I have 5 star rating on Google

    Goivvy Google 5 star Rating

Why choose me?

That’s a great question and I’ll try to explain why I’m better than other Magento upgrade service providers.

Here are 3 reasons to hire me:

  1. I have 10+ years of experience working as a Magento 2 developer with various projects
  2. I am US based and work around Eastern time zone to ensure easy and fast communication
  3. I am an official Adobe Commerce partner with an access to exclusive training and information

Timeframe and Workflow

  • Upgrade usually takes 10-20 business days. It depends on how many 3rd party extensions and customizations a site has. Sometimes there is a need to upgrade server software and it might take some time.
  • I perform a test upgrade on a staging server first.
  • Then we test and I fix issues if any.
  • When you confirm it's OK I repeat an upgrade process on the live site. Downtime might be up to an hour.
  • I fix post-upgrade problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

I upgrade eCommerce sites on daily basis. Clients and store owners have questions and I have answers. Please read below to better understand how I work.

1. What version will you upgrade to?

I'll move your store to the latest Magento 2.4.6. We will be using the second security patch 2.4.6-p3.

2. Do you need a dev site to work on?

Yes, I'll need a staging site. It will need to be an exact replica of the live website.

Magento update is a complex procress. There might be issues and bugs. I upgrade the dev store first to make the live update as smooth as possible.

3. How long is downtime?

Your live site might be down for up to an hour. It all depends on whether it's a major upgrade (for example from 2.3.3 to 2.4.6) or a minor security patch (2.4.6-p1 to 2.4.6-p3).

4. Will there be any data loss?

No data will be lost. After I complete Magento upgrade process all data will be intact.

5. Will there be compatibility issues with my hosting provider?

There should not be. PHP and ElasticSearch server versions might need to be updated to work with 2.4.6-p3. I'll work with your hosting to resolve it.

6. Do we need to upgrade custom plugins?

We will need to upgrade 3rd-party modules to stay safe and secure. We will also need to update a custom theme if you are using one.

7. Will you take a backup of DB and files?

Yes. I'll ask your hosting support team to make a copy of DB and code files before I upgrade your magento store.

What my clients are saying

Amanda M.: We've been beyond pleased with our experience with Goivvy! The high quality service we have received before, during, and after our Magento 2 migration has been professional, prompt, and straightforward. Our original website was outdated and in need of a lot of fixes, and Konstantin was exceptionally patient and helpful as we made big-picture decisions and countless detailed adjustments to the new site. The migration itself went remarkably fast; we expected the business to be down for a day or two, but everything was up and running within a couple of hours. All of our questions have and continue to be answered, issues are explained and resolved, communication is notably reliable, and his recommendations have been on-point. We appreciate Konstantin's help and would highly recommend Goivvy for any and all Magento-related work.

Anthony I.: When it comes to Magento there's no one better!

Andreas W.: Thanks again for the great and cost effective service and we will be back for more! We have been working with Goivvy since 2016. Goivvy is always so helpful, patient and professional by answering our questions. Wonderful to have a service company that you know you can trust!

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