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Product Price Decimal Places Magento 2 Extension

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Magento 2 Prices Decimal Places

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Product Price Decimal Places Magento 2 extension lets you change product price precision. You can have from none  to 4 digits after decimal point for prices and totals. 

Suppose you want to have prices as $12.4539 or $12 - you can do that with using this extension.

Here is the User Guide (PDF).

Compatible with Magento 2.1.x

Demo site: http://m214.goivvy.com:8082/admin_bez1rk User: admin Pass: demo123


Magento 2 Prices Decimal Places Detailed overview

Magento 2 keeps only two digits after decimal point for product prices. With Product Price Decimal Places you can configure price precision and have from none to 4 digits after dot.


Why do I need this extension?

You need Product Price Decimal Places extension if you want to change product price precision in frontend and backend. If you sell items that have prices with 4 digits after a decimal point or if you offer items that have round prices with no digits after dot.


What this extension can do?

  1. You can enable / disable the extension on configuration page
  2. You can set price precision from no decimal places to 4 digits after decimal point
  3. Price precision will be changed for frontend and backend


Is the extension open source?

Yes you can study source code - it is not encoded. You can modify it as well but be sure to comply with the extension license.


This extension is also available on Magento Marketplace.