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Magento Imagine 2015 - Nice trip to Las Vegas

Magento Imagine 2015 conference took place at the lovely Wynn Hotel.


Magento Imagine 2015 at Wynn Hotel Magento Imagine 2015 at Wynn Hotel


It was my first time in Vegas so before going to the conference I did some sight seeing. The Travelodge the place i stayed at was only 20 min walk to Wynn. That made me check out nice little shops on the strip - the hottest street in vegas.

I spent my first day at Imagine 2015 attending Commerce Conversations at Lafite. (Interestingly enough the meeting rooms at Wynn named after wine - Margaux, Lafite, La Tache). Commerce Conversions is where you get to meet magento developers, magento merchants and magento technology providers all gathered at the same table - nice opportunity to make connections and do bussiness networking. The table i was at we mostly talked about cross border shipping, omnichannels and the magento 2014 trends.

Then i went to Magento 2 Developer Dive Deep Sessions to get on the track with the latest news. Magento 2 is coming up and it is good to know what is new and when to expect the first production release. Also i was very interesting in migration process from magento 1.x to magento 2.x and they covered that a little bit as well.


Magento 1.x - 2.x migration process Magento 1.x - 2.x migration process


The second day was more into keynote sessions and breakout sessions. And of course the legendary Imagine Party as XS nightclub at Encore. Pool girls drinks you name it.

The last day they announced the release of Magento EE 1.14.2 and Magento CE 1.9.2. Many new features have been implemented as well as whole lot of bugs were fixed.

I liked the Magento Imagine 2015 conference very much - new opportunities, new people, new ideas!

Networking at Sunset Terrace Networking at Sunset Terrace




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One thought on “Magento Imagine 2015 - Nice trip to Las Vegas”
  • Dan

    Pictures look amazing! i have read here http://sam-ecommerce.com/blog/view/magento-imagine-conference-2016 that last year this conference included 4 sessions. What will be this year? Do you have any information according it?