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Magento 2 site optimization worthless extension

Today I present Magento 2 site optimization extension that I do not recommend installing. I have tested it and it proved to add more harm than good.

PS: This strictly comes from my personal experience. I am going to back up my points but you are free to ignore it.

Apptrian Minify HTML CSS JS

First of all the name is misleading - you do not need an extension to minify CSS/JS with Magento 2 - it comes as a built in feature.

Magento 2 Minify CSS JS Magento 2 Minify CSS JS

Second once you enable this extension it will add 130ms to your time to first byte (TTFB) which was proved by profiler:

Apptrian Minify HTML Magento 2 TTFB problem Apptrian Minify HTML Magento 2 TTFB problem

I can't stress how important TTFB is. I will only say this is one of Google page ranking factors (unlike google pagespeed score which Apptrian Minify HTML is advertised to improve by 2 out of 100 points).

2 points google page speed improvement 2 points google page speed improvement

They also have maximum minification feature that slows down TTFB even more.

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One thought on “Magento 2 site optimization worthless extension”
  • Fayyaz Khattak

    I really appreciate your efforts and contribution to the Magento Community. We all should be aware of these types of extensions that might destroy our store's performance.