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Magento on HHVM beats PHP7

Lets find out what is faster for Magento: PHP7 or HHVM?

PHP7 is supposed to get close to HHVM performance but how close?

Disclaimer: Magento 2 won't work with HHVM. If you have a patch please suggest. Otherwise use PHP7 with Magento 2.


Test Box



Test Case

I picked three different URLs:

  • /
  • customer/account/login/
  • accessories/jewelry.html

and load tested with ab (apache benchmark):

ab -k -c 35 -n 2000 http://m1.goivvy.com/
ab -k -c 35 -n 2000 http://m1.goivvy.com/customer/account/login/
ab -k -c 35 -n 2000 http://m1.goivvy.com/accessories/jewelry.html

PHP7-FPM and HHVM were with default configuration parameters.

Results are below:

PHP7 vs HHVM | Magento PHP7 vs HHVM | Magento

Magento on HHVM beats Magento on PHP7 for every URL I tested.



Magento is still faster on HHVM than on PHP7. Have problems running HHVM? Read this tutorial.




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