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Enterprise 1.13: An Exciting Release from Magento

When the Imagine Conference took place in April, one of the most exciting tidbits of news was that Magento partners and clients could finally get Enterprise 1.13. This shows a restoration of core technology by letting go of the X.Commerce and reducing their focus on the mobile version. The upmarket message was reinforced and they targeted customers generating $100 million or more online.

The Magento Enterprise suite is all about scalability, ease of use, and performance. Merchants are able to grow into the unit, scale back as necessary, and stream line the back-end operations to simplify everything from taking orders to shipping orders out the door.

The Magento 2.0 beta release was also seen recently.

New indexing is possible, which eliminates the problems found with large catalogs. A materialized views pattern is now in use, which allows a change log to be populated as soon as a product is modified. This also sends indexing to work. Performance tests have been done to show that full re-indexing is handled much faster. Some clients have seen an increase of 90% improvement in terms of how quickly a catalog is indexed.

There is a lot of improvement on the full page cache as well. There is a bursting/validation strategy for cache and this helps with the tag databases.

Other improvements include checkout performance as well as various other functional improvements.

Large enterprises need all the help they can get and e-commerce is a dramatic way of bringing in business. Regardless of whether an enterprise relies solely on internet sales or not, the e-commerce software has to be able to keep up with a large catalog as well as back-end assistance. This is exactly what Magento 1.13 Enterprise delivers.

One of the most impressive improvements is the speedier checkout flow. There is a reduction in the number of page loads. This leads to a faster checkout, which enhances the shopping experience for customers and can lead to a higher level of customer satisfaction. Browsing and placing orders can be faster because of the advanced technology.

There are new algorithms for enhanced tax calculations. This can eliminate rounding offsets, which could be displayed on the screen of buyers. Canadian tax requirements are also included in this version of Enterprise, providing businesses with more effective ways of collecting tax without confusing the consumer during the checkout process.

Over 350 functional improvements have been made. This includes focusing on the general flow of information, enhancing the web store and shopping cart as well as admin areas such as admin order creation, import/export functions, payment methods, and much more.

Companies who already have Enterprise will be able to make the upgrade to 1.13. All of the information will be transferred over, so there is no reason to experience downtime by making the upgrade. Companies who have yet to experience what Magento has to offer can obtain the newest version, find a programmer, and set to work on obtaining a high level e-commerce site that offers an array of solutions in terms of being able to reduce costs, enhance the customer experience, and various other tasks.

E-Commerce businesses around the globe are using Magento because it offers a lot of technology and it is easy to use. What most people like the most about it is that it is entirely scalable. A company can grow with the software to ensure their needs are always met, regardless of whether they are selling $100 or $100 million online throughout the year.

The reviews are in about Magento 1.13 Enterprise and they are positive. Everyone is anxious to take advantage of the benefits and all of the improvements that have been made since the previous version was released.


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