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BarProducts.com - high-availability setup

BarProducts.com sells bar supplies. High-traffic website with large audience as it is must be quick and fast to keep ahead of the competition. As we know magento might be slow and that was the exact problem BarProducts faced.

Denis from BarProducts.com asked me to configure dual-server setup. They wanted to migrate the website to the more powerful infrastructure and they found us to do the job. If your budget allows it it is always a good idea to separate web server and database for optimal performance - web server needs more CPU while database needs more RAM.

BarProducts.com website

We started with configuring database node. Often busy magento websites use MySQL cluster setup but we didn’t go that way preferring single server database installation. DB fine tuning was not an easy task and we spent quite some time tweaking my.cnf parameters to get lowest query execution time. Database performance was measured with load testing tools available online.

A few words about performance measurements. We always control our server installations with load/stress tests to have an idea of how many sessions a second the website could handle. We prepare our clients online shops for traffic spikes as nothing could be worse for the buyer than frozen ecommerce website. Magento is the resource intensive application but our task is to make it run perfect regardless traffic load.

Finally when we ported BarProducts to newly configured dual-server setup we realized a few website features stopped working. Those were mainly backend routines and relied on database being on the same server as magento application and we spent a few hours reconfiguring them for new infrastructure.

After going live with our setup we always keep contact with the client in case things go wrong. BarProducts contacted us a few times over the next two month asking to fix a few issues with website functionality. We prioritize these post-launch requests understanding the urgency of live online store technical problems.